Lab-Aussie mix
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Jennifer Gallo Brown

Bear is a 45 lb, 2 year old lab/Australian Sheppard mix. We adopted him at eight weeks old from the Humane Society in Greenville, South Carolina. The only reason we are rehoming him is because we have an older small dog which he has attacked on several occasions as he gets older. We thought we could get him some help but unfortunately- it's not working out. Bear is a loving soul that loves his people and loves to play ball. We have had the privilege of caring him and are heartbroken we have to rehome him. He would do best with older children or a household with no small children. We have children 9 yrs + BUT we wouldn't want to chance by saying he could be good being climbed over and poked and prodded by a toddler. He loves to be close to those he loves and he doesn't want to share that with another animal. He has shown some resource guarding when around other animals too. We want him to go to a loving home and to someone who can really be active and give him lots of attention. Bear is great at hiking and running and really needs a fenced in yard so he can tool around. Bear is an inside dog and wants to be apart of the family. He does have some anxiety being in his crate so someone who works from home would be ideal for him. He will come with his crate, toys, blankets and bones. We are offering 6 months of healthcare and dog food to his new owners and home. We would love for Bear to still be apart of our lives and hoped we could find someone who would allow us to see him throughout the years and provide pictures and updates. Also we would take Bear back if his new home didn't work out for any reason....