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Jen Brown

Bear is a sweet lab mix that is looking for a new home. He is very energetic so he would be best placed with active family. He will be 2 years old on May 9th, 2017. He loves his people and has bit of separation anxiety so he would be best with a person who works from home or someone can afford a play-care for him. He currently goes to petvet on Patton for play-care and for his vet needs. Bear is very loved and is a very happy pup however he does need some basic training. He tries hard not to jump on people but has a difficult time remembering that. He would be best in a home with no children/older children/teenagers. He also would be best with someone who owned a home with a fenced in yard. He is well socialized with other dogs his size and loves people. He does have some leash aggression and food aggression. We are offering a 7 week paid training class for Bear and his new family.
Bear is a good dog but we find ourselves in a tough situation and need to re-home him. My husband has to have a heart pump (LVAD) put into his heart that will have a wire lead extend outside of his body. If the wire is damaged or pulled at all, he can die. Bear is very excitable and active and sometimes jumps and we just can't take the risk that he could unintentionally harm my husband.

We are looking for a good home and good family for a Bear. We are broken-hearted that we have to re-home him but we know he will bring a lot of joy and happiness to the right family. He comes with his crate, tennis balls, toys, 6 months of treats, 6 months of organix dog food, a 7 week paid training class and a month of playcare at PetVet on Patton. He is up to date on his shots and is neutered, of course.

Please have a home with a fenced in yard.
Please have 3 personal character/vet references.
Please only have older children or teenagers in the home.
Please have lots of time for playtime, walks and hikes with Bear.
We would love updates for Bear as the years go by and would love a family who would be open to that!

Thank you,