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Bowser is a Canaan Dog between the ages of 10-12. Don't let his age fool you, Bowser loves to hike, play fetch, and is friendly with the majority of other dogs. Bowser does have a small growth on the back of his neck, his previous owners said it is just a fatty growth. Bowser can be a bit timid and shy at times, he may take a few greetings to really warm up to you. He loves belly rubs, butt scratches, and his toys. His loves his toy hedgehog the most. Bowser has lived with cats in the past, and had no issues with them. Though Bowser likes other dogs, we don't know if he would enjoy sharing a living space with a doggo companion he doesn't know very well. To our knowledge Bowser has been raised around children of all ages. He is a herding dog, with herding instincts. He does not like loud noises, or abrupt yelling, as he can be startled easily. He is a great dog, and deserves a great home that loves him as much as he does them. He is a very loyal dog, and knows many commands. He loves to cuddle on the couch, and run around in the yard. He is the best of both worlds.