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Urban Dog Retreat - Brooke Gettinger

Bowser is a friendly dog. he likes about 90% of other dogs he meets. He can be weird around some humans. He takes a minute to trust you, he is very trusting, protective, and loving once he gets to know you. He is a pretty chill dog, he loves his playtime and being outdoors. He loves his best friends a lot, he'll bark until you let him out when he sees certain dogs. He doesn't like his neck touched, or to be grabbed and directed by the collar until you get to know him. We were told the parents have had him since he was a puppy, and they had their grand kids around him with no problem. He may do better outside of a kennel environment. I know you must take it slow with Bowser, but he is a very smart, genuine, one of a kind dog. I wish I could have him myself, but unfortunately I cannot. Bowser is very well trained, and has never shown any kind of food aggression. I know when people have tested him out, they have had toys and bones out around him and their other dog with no problems.