domestice short hair
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Annette Barnes
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This dark red tiger neutered boy, probably around a year old, belonged to renters next door to my sister where he was an inside/outside cat. Unfortunately, they moved and left him behind. He upsets her cats and two of them are aggressive toward him and have been in scuffles with him. She has had to repair her cat containment fence several times where he has torn it trying to get in/out, coming in to get food. He doesn't understand what has happened. He learned how to use her pet door to get into her house. It is obvious he just wants to be loved and have a secure home. We feel sorry for him but have no way to keep him. The owner of the rental house paid to have him neutered and given a Rabies vaccine (done on 5/10/17). He also tested negative for FeLuk and Heartworm but tested positive for FIV. He is currently in my sister's house since he obviously could not be turned back outside, but she cannot keep him past next week. She has 8 cats, and needs 3 separations among them when not home because of bullying, and she has limited air conditioning in her home and cannot keep the cat in an un-air-conditioned room. Please help us if at all possible.