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Mark Simmons
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Looking to re-home my awesome dog Aiden. He is 1 year old on the 20th this month. Lab mix. He really is a very good dog, I just am not able to give him the time he needs now that my work schedule has increased. He basically ends up staying in his crate most of the day because I'm working. Call me a bad owner...yes I should have done a better job at realizing this before I got him several months ago...but that's beside the point now. He's still a young dog (still has that puppy in him) with a full life ahead of him. Somebody needs to take him who can give him the time to teach him commands and such, and he would absolutely LOVE a yard to run around in. He still likes to not listen when we are outside and not on the leash (I had to chase him down the road about a mile the other night) he's playful...loves the outdoors...but will also lay down and sleep too. He is house trained as he knows to go outside. (He has had an accident when I bring him places new like my parents or friends for a couple days...but that's common in new environments. So expect an accident or two in the first week but other than that he will be fine) I'm also in the process of moving in the next couple of weeks so the dog situation will be a little more difficult than now. I have all his stuff...like his crate and food to go with him....his leash...He's up to date on his shots and all that stuff. He has been taking medicine the past couple of weeks for his worms...but he is getting over that now and feeling much much better. He's about 45lbs. If interested let me know. He would be a GREAT family dog. Great will small kids...and good with other dogs. I marked on here that he lived with other dogs...which he did before I got him but not since then. Although we have visited family with other dogs and such too. Feel free to share this with any people you might feel he would be a good fit for. Thanks everybody.