Australian Shepard and Cattle Dog
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Jody Callen
301 254 3403

Lola is a wonderful, adorable girl, and it breaks my heard to give her up :(.

She's guessed to be a mix of Australian Shepard and Cattle Dog. She was 11 months when I adopted her, 25 pounds, and believed to be full-grown.

Lola is spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

I adopted her from the Asheville Humane Society several months ago. It was love at first sight. She was found in the wild, perhaps abandoned by her mother as a pup. Because of this, Lola is extremely shy and skittish. Since I've had her and lavished her with love and affection, she's come out of her shell, though.

She loves any kind of toy. She carries them gingerly from one of her play areas to another, and in and out of her crate. Either mothering or herding them! She loves to wrestle and snuggle with me. She adores being combed.

Lola is fully house trained and crate trained, and happily walks around my house off-leash. She won't take more than 5 steps away without looking at me for approval :). She only barks if she wants to play, and once at a snake, yikes! Good girl, Lassie!

The problem is that Lola turns out to want more time and exercise than I'm able to give her, and it's too selfish for me to keep her just for my own delight.

Lola will bring along her crate, beds bowls, leashes and assortment of toys :)

She needs a home without any other pets or small children!