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Kate Bannasch
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Petey is a lovable, fun-loving companion who loves to be by his caretaker's side. He is a spirited year-old pit who is energetic and curious. Petey does have some typical puppy behaviors, he loves to chew and chew and chew and would play until he dropped if allowed. He does really well at the dog park and has passed dog socialization training with flying colors, however he is leash and food aggressive. Petey has done exceptionally well with our children, ages 9 and 11. He has always been patient with them and loves to cuddle with them at every opportunity. Petey has lived with two other dogs while in our care, an 8 year old female lab mix and 9 year old Boston terrier mix. He and the female have had a few squabbles over food as well as his multiple invitations to play when she was no longer in the mood, but then she does have alpha issues and doesn't always get along with other dogs. Petey has been perfect with the 9 year old male who is very submissive and keeps to himself. We believe that Petey could co-habitate with other dogs if special attention was given to his issues with food, and if the other dogs in the household were submissive or at least non-aggressive, though we would highly encourage a trial period to ensure everyone could get along. We have enjoyed our 4 months with Petey very much but unfortunately despite our best efforts to train him, have been unable to change his aggression towards cats. We have a sweet calico that has been unceremoniously made an outdoor cat against her wishes and especially now that it is getting cold, we want to be able to bring her back home. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Petey or meet him in person. He has such potential to be an amazing pet, if only given the opportunity!