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Megan Sprouse
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Hi there! Meet Jazzee! She is a 10 month old Boxer mix puppy with a lot of energy! She is spayed and crate trained. She is house trained when she has a doggie door, even though when it is raining, she doesn't always like to go outside. She loves carrots and celery as a treat. She loves going on long walks/runs and chasing/eating bugs. She is a very social dog and loves to talk! Her favorite toy is a squeaky tennis ball!

My husband and I first rescued Jazzee when she was 5 months old in February 2017. She came from a high kill shelter and we fell in love with her immediately, driving 2 hours away to pick her up. We already had a 3 year old German Shepard mix that we adopted when he was 6 weeks old, but we felt like we needed another member for our family.

When Jazzee first came to our home she was scared and timid from being in a shelter her whole life. It took her 5 days to adjust to being in a home with a dog that wasn't her sibling. After 2 weeks, Jazzee had settled in and was use to our family and routine. She quickly learned how to sit and how to play with our 3 year old Shepard.

But after a couple of months we started to realize Jazzee was getting more and more energy. We were leaving her and our 3 year old loose in the house while we were at work 40 hours a week, which worked out well at first since we installed a doggie door so they could go outside as they pleased. But Jazzee started getting into things during the day. Pulling things off the counters and tables became her hobby. So we realized we needed to crate her during the day, as we did at night, when she is not supervised until she learned to play with her many toys, not our things on the counters.

It has been over a month now and my husband and I have come to realize how much energy this sweet girl really has and how much energy we do not have. My husband and I work 8-6 Monday through Friday with weekends off. With our German Shepard, we have always left him loose during the day with plenty of toys and we crate him at night. He is a very medium to low energy dog who is ok with laying around the house all day or going hiking 10 miles in one day. With Jazzee, it's a different story.

We have had Jazzee in our lives for 5 months now. For 5 months we have tried everything we can to exercise her more to work some of her energy out but we have come to the conclusion, we are just not that active of a family for such a high energy dog.

We believe Jazzee would do well with the following things:
-A Very Active lifestyle - Such as a lot of walks every day, a huge fenced in yard, swimming, running, etc.
-A single dog household - even though she does extremely well with our 3 year old and other dogs she's been introduced to, she LOVES being the center of attention and wants all the loving people can give her.
-Someone who will take her places and not leave her home alone all the time - she loves riding in the car and being with people all the time, so if you want a road trip buddy she is your girl.

We absolutely hate that we are giving her up but we really believe it is unfair to her to not give her the activity she so desperately needs and wants. If this sounds like you and your lifestyle please give us a call. She is such a wonderful dog and has so much personality and potential. She simply needs the right family to do this for her and unfortunately, no matter how much we want to be, we are not that family...