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Luna is a 2-year-old orange and white purebred Brittany from Remchester Brittanys in Tennessee. Her parents and many of her siblings are champion hunters and gun dogs. We have not trained her to hunt, although she has been introduced to it and I have no doubt she would learn quickly and well. If you are a hunting family, she would be a perfect match for you. She has been trained in nosework and obedience. She's extremely intelligent and is a great cuddler (she will want to sleep in bed with you and cuddle with you on the couch.) She is very prey driven so will not do well in a home with cats. However, she gets along with most dogs, and I think she would benefit from being in a home with other dogs, if they would appreciate a playful companion. She is a bit of a bull in a china shop around children, although she loves kids.

If you are wanting to adopt Luna, you need to be willing to provide for her extensive energy needs. She will not tolerate being in her crate for more than a couple hours a day (so no one who is away from home 8 hours a day.) A fenced-in yard would serve you well. She loves to go for walks and hikes, although, as a hunting dog, she does pull on the leash. We have done some training around this, but more is needed. Training of all sorts helps stimulate her mind, and is necessary in addition to physical exercise in order to tire her out. A perfect family would be an active individual or couple, who wants to hike all day (or run, or hunt) and cuddle all night. Someone who has experience owning a dog and can be consistent with training. You will be rewarded with the smartest, sweetest dog you could imagine, who wants to be by your side all day long.

You must be willing to stay in touch with her breeder. They like to know where their dogs are and how they are doing. They are also available to you forever for any questions, advice, or support. We also strongly prefer be updated on how she is getting along, and possibly visit from time to time, if that works for everyone.

Luna is the sweetest, most loving dog, and I hope we can find the perfect humans for her. We will request a site visit and interview to make sure she is going to the right home. If it isn't obvious, we love her very much!

She is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vet care. She is house trained and crate trained (we crate her when we leave the house). She has been well socialized and has no problems with touch on any areas of her body. She loves all people.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to meet her!