Labrador Retriever (purebred)
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Emily Jamison
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We have had our beloved dogs, purebred yellow lab sisters Caroline and Maddie, for almost 9 years now. They will be 9 in November. Through birth and adoption, we have added three kids to our family in the past three years. At this point, we feel like the quality of life that we are able to give Caroline and Maddie is less than what they deserve, and we are looking to rehome them. They would make great family pets to a family (or individual) who is able to provide them the attention and space and exercise they deserve. Being older, they are certainly less energetic than they once were, but they are still LABS and love to run, walk, and play. They are obviously house trained (that would've been a long nine years) and well-behaved. They get along with other dogs and would be fine around children. We are willing to separate them (and believe they would be perfectly fine with it), if that worked for someone. Please understand this has been a difficult decision and NOT one that has been taken lightly. We really do feel like we want the best for our pups, and simply don't feel like we are able to provide them with that.

(I can only upload one photo to this site but am happy to send more of both dogs if interested)