** $5 Adoption Fees for All Pets (except puppies) NOW - Saturday, August 7! **


Kitty Caretaker Class

Join the team responsible for the basic care of our Adoption Center cats and kittens!  Participants in this class will learn how to feed the cats, clean all the kitty areas, and other aspects of basic care.  At the end of the class, you will also learn fun ways to enrich the shelter experience for our feline friends, including teaching them tricks!  Prerequisites: Feline Fundamentals Class.  Sign up online using the Volunteer Information Center.

Animal Body Language Class

Learn all about what dogs and cats are telling us through non-verbal communication!  This class explores the various expressions of our canine and feline friends and also shows how your body language can influence their reactions to you.  The material is great for your volunteer work and for your interactions with your own animals or others every day!  Sign up through the Volunteer Information Center online or e-mail us at volunteer[at]ashevillehumane[dot]org with any questions.

Pooch Essentials Class

Get ready to be hands-on with our canine friends!  This class is for volunteers who want to interact with dogs and puppies at the Adoption Center and at off-site events.  Prerequisites include attendance at a general volunteer orientation session and completion of basic service requirements.  Sign up through the Volunteer Information Center or e-mail us with any questions at volunteer[at]ashevillehumane[dot]org

Volunteer Orientation & Tour

Take the first step towards becoming a volunteer for the largest lifesaving animal welfare agency in Western North Carolina!  Fill out an application online and plan to attend this session to get started.  The orientation will explain types of volunteer work, requirements, and the rewards of joining the team at Asheville Humane Society!  Following the orientation, attendees will be given a tour of our beautiful and functional Adoption Center.  We welcome junior volunteers ages 10 and up!


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