Tue, 08/14/2018, 06:08:pm

Canine Adoption Counseling 101 will go over Asheville Humane’s adoption philosophy, the counseling process, and appropriate animal handling for meeting with adopters. Upon completion of Canine Adoption Counseling 101, you will be able to sign up for on-the-job training with staff Adoption Counselors who are counseling dog adoptions. This job is very hands-on and interactive with the public-- so you must love people, too! It is an extremely rewarding job, but also requires an open mind and an open heart, free of pre-judgements.

Adoption Counselors greet visitors, talk to them about specific animals, and take the animals our into visiting rooms or yards to facilitate meet-and-greets. You will be on your feet and active, while having the opportunity to help excited guests search for their new family member. 

Prerequisites for this training include completion of a Volunteer and Foster Information Session, basic service requirements, Pooch Essentials Class, Canine Body Language Class, and Canine T.E.A.M. Training.  

Sign up through the Volunteer Information Center online!

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