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Sun, 05/31/2020, 11:05:pm

If you have some extra time at home, our Foster Department would love for you to make cat scratchers! 
There are many ways to make DIY cat scratchers, but here are some directions for a type we love to use:

  1. Cut strips from corrugated cardboard using a ruler or yardstick as a guide for width (should be 1-2 inches wide) and making strips as long as possible.
  2. Starting with the shortest strips, roll the cardboard into a tight circle and tape ends in place with duct tape or glue as you come to the end of each strip.
    • **Be sure to use a minimal amount of duct tape as it sticks to the cat’s fur if it’s poking out above the cardboard ends.
  3. Continue adding strips until the scratcher is the desired size (we prefer at least 12 inches in diameter) and tape or glue the final end very securely.
  4. Glue decorative paper to the outside and bottom if desired.
  5. Please put them in a bag or box labeled, "AHS foster cat scratchers" and leave them on the Adoption Center front porch (by the front door, not the volunteer door) so they stay out of the elements. 

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