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Sun, 05/31/2020, 10:05:am

You'll just need, fleece, a tennis ball, and scissors to make this fun dog toy!

  1. Cut two pieces of fleece into approximately 18 inch squares OR two strips approximately 18 x 6 inches.
  2. Lay the fleece pieces on top of each other and place a tennis ball in the center.
  3. Cut a small strip (approximately 1 inch wide by 4-6 inches long) of fleece.
  4. Use the small strip to tie a secure knot, encircling the tennis ball with the fleece as tightly as possible. The tighter the tennis ball is encased, the longer the toy will last for the dog. 
  5. Use scissors to cut the fleece below the tennis ball into strips approximately 1 ½ - 2 inches wide or wider.  More strips = more “legs” for the octopus and wider strips = larger braids (great for larger dogs).
  6. Braid the hanging strips to create the octopus shape, securing each braid with a small strip of fleece, knotted tightly.  Tight braids last longer.
  7. Place toys in a bag or box labeled, DIY Dog Toys, and leave at the front door of the Adoption Center (not near the volunteer door) so they stay out of the elements.

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