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Want to help homeless animals, but don't have time to volunteer? Sign up for Asheville Humane Society's Birthday Campaigns!

One month before your birthday, we will send you everything you need to set up and prepare for your very own campaign to raise funds for the animals at Asheville Humane Society! In a few simple steps, you can set up your digital campaign profile and share it with friends and family via social media and email. They know you’re a huge animal lover, but you probably don’t need another “I just want to drink coffee and pet my dog” mug. Instead, spend your birthday week campaigning for the at-risk animals of our community!

Your birthday donations will provide medical care, food, blankets, toys, and much more to our shelter pets who are waiting for their forever homes.

Your participation will help animals like Bogart...

When Animal Services officers first found Bogart’s skeletal frame on the ground, they thought he had already passed away. He was found alone inside a kennel with no food or water, emaciated, unmoving, and ice cold to the touch. As the heartbroken officers reached down to gather up his body, they noticed the faintest movement of shallow breathing and Bogart’s sad eyes very slowly looked up. His eyes were the only thing he could move. Knowing he was incredibly close to dying, officers rushed Bogart immediately to Asheville Humane Society. Bogart lay motionless in the truck and was limp as he was carried through the doors to our medical team, who were all waiting for him, ready to spring to action. Even though the outlook was tremendously bleak for this poor soul, our entire medical team didn’t hesitate, and poured all efforts into bringing Bogart back from the brink.

Bogart’s temperature was so low, it didn’t even register on the thermometer. He was given heat support, IV fluids, sugar supplements and lots of TLC. It took a team of five staff members working constantly over a two hour period before we got a temperature to finally register on the thermometer. An hour after that, Bogart lifted his head for the first time, his trusting eyes looking up at the people who were saving his life.

By the end of the day, Bogart was able to sit up on his own and willing to take small amounts of food. He went to REACH overnight to make sure he remained stable. By morning, Bogart took his first wobbly steps and even sat politely for food! Over the next couple of days, Bogart began passing gravel in his stool… clearly all he’d eaten in a while. It was heartbreaking. But, even though he was still weak and would fall down at times, he kept getting back up. He kept fighting. 

Fast forward three months later… After constant care from our amazing medical team and devoted foster parents, Bogart is finally ready for adoption! He has gained over 20 pounds and his bloodwork is now perfect! He has been LOVING all the attention and his foster parents say he is very sweet, house trained, and seems to enjoy other animals. Bogart is still looking for his forever home...and you can help him while he waits!

Sign up today and we will send you a friendly reminder one month before your birthday. Setting up your campaign page is quick and simple. All of the instructions will be emailed to you!  

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