Pledge Your Birthday to Help Animals in Need!

To kick off 2017, Asheville Humane Society is launching birthday campaigns! Starting in February, celebrate your special day by helping local animals in need!

We will send you everything you need to set up and prepare for your very own campaign. This is all done through a secure online platform, making it easy for friends and family near and far to contribute electronically. 

Instead of presents, ask for donations to a cause you really care about! We will use your donations to help the at-risk animals of our community who are patiently waiting for a second chance. Animals like Cassie...

Cassie was found at a gas station on a cold December day in the rain, hungry and shivering, with eyes so painful she could barely open them. She wouldn't even move...she had given up. Thankfully, a good Samaritan named Valinda spent over an hour trying to help Cassie, providing food and a blanket from the rain for this poor pup.

Valinda told the heartbreaking story to The Dodo: "When I got out of the car, my heart sank. This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing. Her hair was wet and matted. Her front leg was cut. Her eyes were obviously infected. My heart was breaking. It was apparent to me that this baby had been dumped. Humans had let her down but hopefully the food, warm blanket and love I gave her will restore her faith in humans."

We are so grateful to Valinda, who called Animal Services and helped coax Cassie into their vehicle. Cassie was then brought to Asheville Humane Society for care. After more than a month of TLC, Cassie found her forever home!

Sign up today and we will send you a friendly reminder one month before your birthday. Setting up your campaign page is quick and simple. All of the instructions will be emailed to you!  

In addition to saving homeless animals, you will receive a special birthday present for raising $100 or more...an Asheville Humane Society hat!

Click here to sign up!

Thank you for letting the animals be a part of your birthday celebration!

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