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Project Yellow Keeps Pets & Their People Safe on Walks

Asheville Humane Society is providing free yellow ribbons for dogs who need space on walks! A yellow ribbon tied to a dog's leash signals that the dog needs extra space upon approaching. This does not necessarily mean that the dog is aggressive. They may fear other people or pets, get overly excited, or have a medical condition. 

We should always ask permission before we approach a pet we don’t know. This is especially important for children to understand, as they might assume that all dogs are easy going and safe to pet. Dogs who need yellow ribbons may range from deaf dogs who need to be approached in a special way, to dogs who are leash-reactive and need space around other dogs.

Asheville Humane Society and Buncombe County Animal Shelter are aiming to raise awareness about the need for owner's approval before trying to interact with an unfamilar pet. Using the Project Yellow ribbon will give passersby plenty of notice when they are approaching a dog that prefers to be left alone.

Please join us in educating the public by picking up a yellow ribbon if your dog needs extra space. You can also share our Project Yellow PSA (seen below) to make your friends and family aware of our mission to keep Buncombe County's community of pets and their people safe, healthy and thriving!

Come visit our Adoption Center at 14 Forever Lane to get a free yellow ribbon for your pup. For questions about Project Yellow call Asheville Humane Society at 761-2001.