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Roscoe's New Legs!

Friends, we'd like to introduce you to a very special puppy named Roscoe. This little guy came to Asheville Humane Society in desperate need of a second chance. Roscoe had a wrist and ligament deformity of his two front legs, making walking and playing like a normal puppy impossible. Thick calluses and sores formed where Roscoe attempted to get around as best he can. 

Correcting Roscoe’s legs required extensive corrective surgery. We were fortunate to have the help of Dr. Crouch, a board certified veterinary surgeon with Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery. We estimated that Roscoe's surgery, foster care, supplements and the physical therapy he will need following his surgery will total $2,500-$3,000.
We reached out to our supporters on Facebook and we exceeded our goal raising over $4,000 for Roscoe! All donations exceeding the amount needed for Roscoe's care will go into our Lily Grace Fund to help other animals who need special medical care. 

Roscoe's surgery went well and he is now resting in a foster home. Roscoe will have bandage changes and check ups at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery for 4-6 weeks. He is on strict crate rest while his new legs heal, with brief leash walks for potty breaks. His splints make walking a little difficult, so Roscoe's foster parents are helping out with a sling at first, until Roscoe figures out where his new legs are. He'll need to wear his splints/casts for up to two months and then starts physical therapy.

Roscoe's foster mom is a part-time ER nurse who is very comfortable monitoring Roscoe at home medically, as well as giving him lots of love during recovery. Both she and her husband are meticulous caregivers. We are so appreciative of all our wonderful foster parents!

By August, Roscoe should be fully healed, running, jumping and playing like a normal puppy. Friends, all of us at Asheville Humane Society THANK YOU again for your incredible donations, support and words of encouragement for Roscoe! Thanks to your help, this little guy has an amazing life ahead of him!