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Your Name (First and Last): 
Nick Peragine
Phone number (please include area code): 
Email address: 
Species of Pet: 
Pet's Sex: 
Is your pet spayed/neutered?: 
Pet's Age: 
Holland lop/rex
Weight (in pounds): 
Does your animal have a microchip?: 
How did you get your pet?: 
Asheville Humane Society
How long have you had your pet? *: 
3 years
How long can you keep your pet before surrendering? *If less than one week, please call our Safety Net helpline at 828 761-2008: 
1 Month
Why do you need to rehome your pet?: 
Not Right Fit
Check all the following that describe your pet: 
Couch potato
What is something you love about your pet? What else should someone know about your pet?: 
My family adopted Charlie (Formerly known as Rubs) from the Asheville Humane Society around 3 years ago as a pet for our children. We have spent a lot of time with him, but he still continues to be super protective of his space and this scares our children because they are afraid that he will bite them. He has never bitten, but does the classic bunny behavior of grunting and slapping with his front paws. His favorite place to be is playing supervised in the yard; he LOVES being outside. He will flop down in the sun on our enclosed porch and sunbathe just like a cat. Like most bunnies he does not like to be picked up, but once he feels supported he will gladly sit in your lap to be petted. He is litter box trained. His favorite treats are plain popcorn and carrots which we do not give him often. He also of course loves fresh hay and clover (especially the flowers). As I mentioned before, Charlie does not bite, but he will threaten and grunt when he is disturbed or if food is being given to him. This behavior is the reason for us reaching out to rehome him. We feel that he would be a better fit for older (maybe teenage) children or adults who better understand his protective/territorial behaviors. He has been territorial since we brought him home as a baby; in fact that is the reason his name was Rubs at the shelter, because he rubbed his chin on everything that was his which is a territorial behavior with bunnies. We have tried very hard to redirect and change his behaviors, but nothing that we have tried has worked. My children (ages 7&10) feel like Charlie is mad at them when he pounces at them which means that they don't want to interact with him as much as they would if he was less intimidating. We love Charlie and want him to have the perfect home and although we try to make him happy and comfortable our home is not the best fit for him.
Has your pet lived with: 
How many hours is your pet home alone each day?: 
What does your pet dislike or fear?: 
Charlie does not like being picked up, being touched while he is eating, or quick movements.
Where is your pet kept during the day?: 
In his rabbit hutch or in an enclosed rabbit pen that allows him to spend time outdoors or on our screened in porch
Where does your pet sleep at night?: 
In his rabbit hutch
How does your pet ride in the car?: 
In a carrier
Please list any past or present injuries, treatment or other medical histories.: 
I agree that I will respond to all requests for more information about my pet in a timely manner (Checking No will stop Post): 
I certify that I am the lawful owner of the pet identified here: 

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