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Jessica Carson
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Hi! My name is Lucy! I am a 4 year old girl looking for a forever friend! My parents love me a lot, but they work a lot, and have to share their love with another dog and cat, which I don't really like sometimes. I want to be your best friend, and go everywhere with you! I am really well behaved on hikes, and when I am one on one with my person. I am very high energy, so we need to play and run a lot, or I need a fenced in yard to run in on my own! I LOVE to play fetch, and will bring a stick or ball back to you until you can't throw it anymore! I have a LOT of energy, and my parents think anxiety as well, so I should be the only pet, and probably avoid children as they make me nervous and I will try to nip at them and bark when they run too fast. Thunder scares me, and makes me bark a lot. You will need to let me lay beside you when storms come. When people arrive at our house, I bark so they know I am protecting you. If you walk with me and make sure I feel safe, I will love on anyone. I really like being loved, petted, and hugged! I will curl up beside you on the couch, sleep with you in bed, or whatever you want! I really feel better when we're close! I am house trained, crate trained, and know many commands such as sit, stay, and shake! Please let me come visit you, to see if you have the home for me!