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Your Name (First and Last): 
Maria Smith
Phone number (please include area code): 
Species of Pet: 
Pet's Sex: 
Is your pet spayed/neutered?: 
Pet's Age: 
6 months - 1 year
Great pyrenees/german shepherd?
Weight (in pounds): 
Does your animal have a microchip?: 
How did you get your pet?: 
We adopted her from a family that accidentally had puppies.
How long have you had your pet? *: 
6 months
How long can you keep your pet before surrendering? *If less than one week, please call our Safety Net helpline at 828 761-2008: 
2 or More Months
Why do you need to rehome your pet?: 
Owner Life Changes
Check all the following that describe your pet: 
Likes to be touched
For dogs only - what is your dog's energy level?: 
For dogs only - what level of exercise does your dog usually get daily (exercise may include playing, walking, running, etc): 
1 to 2 hours
What is something you love about your pet? What else should someone know about your pet?: 
Hana is as sweet as can be. She loves all people and adores kids. She is extremely patient. If she is sleeping by the couch she does not care if our 1 year old uses her face as a step up. Due to Covid and not getting around others alot she has become timid for the first few minutes when new people come to our house. She is truly the sweetest dog. She just wants a little love and snuggle time. For an out of nowhere and very personal reason we cannot keep her. This is no fault of hers. I cant stress enough what a sweetheart she is. We will only re-home her to the right family that I know will love her.
Has your pet lived with: 
How many hours is your pet home alone each day?: 
She is not alone very often because of Covid, but she has always been fine when we have left her for hours.
What does your pet dislike or fear?: 
She is afraid of new people when they first come to our house. She barks and runs away from them and then she'll slowly warm up and then she's fine.
Where is your pet kept during the day?: 
We're home so she is usually sleeping in the living room. She does have a crate she'll go in if we leave.
Where does your pet sleep at night?: 
In my daughter's bedroom.
How does your pet ride in the car?: 
She sits and looks out the window or sleeps in the backseat.
Please list any past or present injuries, treatment or other medical histories.: 
I agree that I will respond to all requests for more information about my pet in a timely manner (Checking No will stop Post): 
I certify that I am the lawful owner of the pet identified here: 

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