When our pets are sick we try our best to care for them and give them everything they need. Sometimes veterinary bills can be overwhelming and assistance is needed. For that reason, we have compiled many resources below to help you care for your ailing pet. If the time comes where you need end of life pet care assistance and euthanasia is your only option for easing the pain of your pet, please contact Buncombe County Animal Shelter. Owner requested euthanasia is a low- cost service provided to Buncombe County residents. To schedule an appointment or to learn more information please call 828-250-6430. 

Breed-Specific Veterinary Care Assistance Programs:

Non Breed-Specific Veterinary Care Assistance Programs:

Veterinary Care Assistance for Working/Service Dogs:

Financial Guide in Planning for Pet Expenses

  • Money Geek (Expenses guide, money saving tips, pet insurance information)


If you are unable to find assistance through one of these programs please call our Safety Net helpline at 761-2008 and leave a detailed message explaining your situation and we will do our best to assist you. We are not able to assist with existing veterinary bills but urge you to seek medical attention immediately if your animal needs emergency care.